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Guía Being a DIK – Todos los logros y cómo conseguirlos

Being a DIK logros

Hoy os traemos una guía completa con todos los logros o trofeos de Being a DIK. La lista completa para sacar el 100% en esta novela visual de Dr. Pinkcake.

  • Plataformas: PC (Steam)
  • Horas para el 100%: 30 horas.
  • Partidas para el 100%: Varias partidas (por cada final disponible) + extras
  • Logros online: No

Being a DIK cuenta con un total de 98 logros.

The InitiationCompleted Episode 1
Maggot BrothersCompleted Episode 2
Honorable studentPass a class without cheating
100%Completed Episode 3
F is for FailureFail a test
Not so honorable studentPass a class by cheating
When Worlds CollideCompleted Episode 4
Milk MachineYou preferred Jade
Hot for teacherConquered Jade
Order up!Buy from Quinn’s restaurant
Flat and boringYou preferred Cathy
Nerd pummelBeat the easy brawler opponent
Not so poor after allEarn $20
AutographGot a special signature
Prep pummelBeat the normal brawler opponent
Presidential suiteStayed with Sage
It’s on mePaid during all dates
The lair of the Ice QueenStayed with Bella
Jock pummelBeat the hard brawler opponent
HOTheadedCompleted Episode 5
Damage ControlCompleted Episode 6
True ColorsCompleted Episode 7
CrossroadsCompleted Episode 8
Vault Looter 1Opened Vault Episode 1
Vault Looter 2Opened Vault Episode 2
Vault Looter 3Opened Vault Episode 3
Puzzle ProBeat Shuffle
Poor againSpend $20
The Pink RoseHad fun with all girls at The Pink Rose
DIK ChampionSeason 2 testing
VirtuosoSeason 2 testing
Vault Looter 4Opened Vault Episode 4
Vault LooterOpened All Vaults
Being a DIK100% Major DIK choices
HOT roommatesSeason 2 testing
WimbledonBeat Jill in tennis
Devoted DIKAttained a permanent DIK affinity
Jumble master100% English classes
Any questions?Season 2 testing
Bachelor padStayed with Derek
Vault Looter 5Opened Vault Episode 5
Vault Looter 6Opened Vault Episode 6
Vault Looter 7Opened Vault Episode 7
Vault Looter 8Opened Vault Episode 8
Vault Looter Season 2Opened all vaults in Season 2
Whiz kid100% Math classes
Feminist100% Gender studies classes
Being a librarianHelped Isabella put back books
Yin and YangAttained a permanent Neutral affinity
Project leaderWon the mansion game
In lieu of a flowerSeason 2 testing
Unknown roadSeason 2 testing
ConnectedSeason 2 testing
Bumpy roadSeason 2 testing
Troubled roadSeason 2 testing
Swyper hookupSeason 2 testing
Pack Quest DIKsCompleted Pack Quest in Episode 6
Pack Quest HOTsCompleted Pack Quest in Episode 7
Pack Quest DormsCompleted Pack Quest in Episode 8
Lamb chopThat’s a filet of beef
Devoted CHICKAttained a permanent CHICK affinity
Triple Tile AdeptReached turn 15 in Triple Tile on Normal difficulty
Your MajestyWore the helmet at every opportunity
And then someWon the mansion game with at least $20 extra
JailbreakUnlocked all wallpapers
Slap me!Got all 3 slaps
Teacher’s pet100% Perfect classes
Madame RoseSeason 2 testing
I see the pattern100% Math classes in Season 2
Being a CHICK100% Major CHICK choices
Drink! Drink! Drink!100% All drinking games
Well-spoken100% English classes in Season 2
Pack Quest Season 2Completed all Pack Quests in Season 2
Fat walletUpgraded the wallet to max level
Self-restraintWon a best out of three tennis match through skill in Season 2
Ice kingSeason 2 testing
In your faceSeason 2 testing
Been there, done herUnlock all scenes
Handyman100% the painting games in Season 2
Steady hand100% the drinking game in Season 2
Magazine collectorUnlock all special renders
Vice presidential beatdownBeat Dawe on Hard difficulty setting
Wasted credits100% Gender studies classes in Season 2
Presidential beatdownBeat Chad on Hard difficulty setting
StrategistWon the mansion game with at least 250,000 points
Roommate beatdownBeat Troy on Hard difficulty setting
Perfect student100% Perfect classes in Season 2
Pimp my laptopUnlocked all laptop wallpapers in Season 2
Nothing but netBeat the high score in the basketball game
Been there, done her tooUnlocked all scenes in Season 2
Masterful chefGot 600 points in the pancake flipping game
Big bully beatdownSeason 2 testing
Pimp my phoneUnlocked all wallpapers in Season 2
Triple Tile MasterReached turn 100 in Triple Tile on Normal difficulty
Catlike reflexesWon the beach ball game on the hardest difficulty
Magazine collector Season 2Unlocked all special renders in Season 2
DIK beatdownSeason 2 testing
HOT beatdownSeason 2 testing
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