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Guía Dune: Spice Wars – Todos los logros y cómo conseguirlos

LOGROS dune spice wars

Hoy os traemos una guía completa con todos los logros de Dune: Spice Wars. La lista completa para sacar el 100% en esta última aventura estratégica de Shiro Games.

Dune: Spice Wars cuenta con más de 32 logros en total.

ExpansionistCapture your first village
DefenderEliminate a raid targetting you
Regional SpecialtyConstruct a building that exploits a natural resource
Spice DutyAssign a new crew to a Harvester or to a Harvesting Team
SlyActivate an operation
Legal BondSign a treaty with another faction
Urban PlanningActivate a district bonus
Way of the AirUse a shuttle to transport troops
Water BondForm an alliance with a Sietch
AggressorCapture a village owned by another faction
Spy MasterReach infiltration level 3 in any field of operations
Honor of DutyGet elected for a charter
Greatest HouseReach 500 Landsraad Standing
Easy WinWin in easy difficulty or more
Spice AddictHave 5000 Spice in your stockpile
LandmarksControl 4 special regions
ObliterationDestroy another player’s base
Desert FighterWin in medium difficulty or more
Water SellerHave at least 100 net water production
Honorable DukeWin with House Atreides
Full HouseBuild a building in every base slot
GovernorWin with the Dune Governorship charter
HegemonWin an Hegemony victory
True FriendshipReach 100 relation with another faction
Visionary RebelWin with the Fremen
ConquerorWin by destroying the base of your last opponent
Dreaded BaronWin with House Harkonnen
StrategistWin in hard difficulty or more
KillerAssassinate an enemy leader
Cunning CriminalWin with the Smugglers
Master of ArrakisWin in insane difficulty
AssassinWin by assassinating your last opponent
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